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Surface Pretreatment by Spraying

Technical Specifications:

  • Stainless steel construction (tunnel + tanks)
  • Stainless spray pipes and adjustable V-Jet type nozzles
  • Optional normal steel + stainless steel combination
  • Powerful steam extraction on both vestibules
  • Easy removal/assembly of the ramps using quick-coupling
  • Heated tanks are insulated with glass wool
  • Seamless welding between tunnel and tanks
  • Elimination of water drops by placing an air blowing unit
  • Choice of gas, oil, hot water or electric heating
  • Semi-automatic dosing system
  • Cascade system helps to reduce water costs
  • Minimum operator labor input required
  • Easily conveyorised
  • All devices can be controlled from electrical board, optional PLC + PC control system



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