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Multi-Cyclone Systems Powder Coating Booth

This specially developed system is suitable for multi color operations and quick powder changes. Variable numbers of small sized cyclones in a very small space and high air output provide maximum powder recovery. The efficiency rating is over 95 %. Botersan offers an optimum design of cartridge and cyclone groups consistent with your requirements in order to provide you with the joy of using a high quality and high efficiency powder paint booth.


Technical Specifications:

  • Galvanized /stainless steel construction
  • The "V" formed booth floor does not allow the dust to remain in the booth
  • Specially developed for multi-color operations
  • Short cleaning time for color changes
  • No need to change the filters, which also helps to reduce operating costs
  • High powder recovery efficiency (~%95)

While designing the proper system, dimensions of the workpiece, conveyor speed and working capacity are some of the issues which must be considered. Botersan cares for designing the system configuration that suits your requirements. These system designing factors are utilized to determine the basic features such as, working as manual or conveyor, the choice of cyclone and filter group and etc.


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