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Trolley Conveyors

Botersan was the first to design and manufacture trolley and cardan chain type conveyors in Turkey. The conveyors, included in our complete paint application solutions, carry the quality of Botersan products. These systems are preferred at surface treatment plants, transportation, storing lines together with a wide range of industrial applications.

Technical Specifications:

  • Chains are drop forged type, made from high carbon steel and heat treated
  • Flexible structure of the chains allows horizontal and vertical turns easily
  • The trolleys brackets are nodular iron casted and wheels are steel material
  • Drive is caterpillar type with safety switches (floating drive system)
  • Bearings are specially selected for the application field such as for transport or for ovens
  • The bearings are heat resistant to 250 °C and don’t require lubrication for a long period
  • Speed can easily be adjusted by frequency converter
  • Take-up station is manufactured as spring loaded type or counter-weight type
  • Rollers or wheel are used at horizontal curves. Wheels are equipped with bearings which allows vertical adjustment


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