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Pressurized Downdraft Spray Booth

This high efficient booth allows the automotive industry to coat passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, busses, trucks and other large parts.

Technical Specifications:

  • Galvanized /stainless steel construction and modularity
  • Filtered and heated dust-free environment
  • Venturi washing system doesn’t allow the paint particles to leave with the exhaust air
  • Manuel or automatic dumpers allows easy adjustment for positive pressurized booth
  • High flow with centrifugal pump allows appropriate water curtain system
  • Lighting with ex-proof type fluorescent fixtures
  • Convenient water curtain system with high flow centrifugal pump
  • Air handling unit
    - Air mixture and filter system
    - Heating system
    - Supply fan


Working Principle:

The conditioned air leaves the air handling unit following the filters from the ceiling of the booth that is pressurized positively through the booth. At the moment the overspray paint particles are carried by the conditioned air to the bottom of the booth where the particles are hold by a water curtain system. The movement of air is provided by the exhaust fans which also discharges the paint particle and water drop free air to the atmosphere. The downdraft movement of the conditioned air and the exhaust system allows the worker to work in a clean and comfortable area. The air flow in the booth is designed for providing highest finishing quality.


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