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Continuous Drying and Curing Ovens

Botersan has been designing and manufacturing drying and curing ovens for over 20 years. It is this experience that will ensure you get the proper and accurate technology for your application. Botersan ovens are designed in a modular concept. Furthermore, for unusual sizes and layouts, we can easily optimize your needs with computer aided design and produce ovens economically.

Canopy Type Oven

Technical Specifications:

  • Indirect, conventional heating system
  • Long service life of heat generators by using stainless steel and boiler tube
  • Minimum heat loss by using air curtains and silhouette sheet metals
  • Oven panels are insulated with rock wool of 150 mm. thickness and made of galvanized steel interior, CRS steel exterior
  • Modular panel system which reduces thermal bridge to minimum
  • Adjustable ducts ensure excellent heat distribution
  • Heat control and safety devices provide secure and problem free working conditions
  • Burner can be automatically stopped with a special safety system in any recirculation problem
  • Natural gas, LPG, diesel oil, fuel oil, hot oil, hot water, electric can be used for heating
  • Longer service life with belt driven circulation fans

    At Canopy Type Ovens;
  • Working principle of this system locks the air movement at the entry of the oven which helps to decrease heat loss and eliminates the need for air curtains
  • Since the oven is installed over a platform, this helps to increase oven efficiency and achieve huge floor space
  • During multi color operations, absence of air curtains provide problem free working conditions


Floor type continuous oven

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