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Box Type Wet and Powder Paint Curing Ovens
Box type ovens working principle is based on loading a rack or a group of work piece into the oven with floor saving and high efficient features. Different oven systems applications can be selected according to the production process with high flexibility and reliability.

Box type systems:
1. Manual box type ovens
2. Semi automatic (conveyorised) box type ovens

Manual box type oven

Technical Specifications:

  • Sandwich type insulation panels
  • Interior skins galvanized, exterior skins painted CRS sheet
  • Standard insulated oven door on one side. Modifications are applicable
  • Oven floor is insulated with glass wool or rock wool panels
  • Easy loading and unloading of the goods carriage with guide rails
  • Filtered, adjustable intake
  • Adjusting lever at chimney exit for solvent exhaust outlet
  • Air can be blown from the ceiling or the sides according to the workpiece
  • Natural gas, LPG, diesel oil, fuel oil, hot oil, hot water, electric can be used for heating
  • Long service life of heat generators by using stainless steel and boiler tube
  • Electronic digital panel and control devices allow high sensibility for adjusting working temperature
  • Optional equipments
    - Workpiece carriage
    - Second door
    - Explosion proof lighting
    - Chimney
    - Temperature record device
    - Oven time clock


Semi automatic (conveyorised) box type oven

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